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Char's Golden Goods

Chill Pill Bath Bomb

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Rough day? Tired and sore? Did your brain check out hours ago? It’s time for a chill pill. Drop one in the bath and let 100% pure essential oil and epsom salt relax you and relieve the stress of the day as you soak. Nourishing sweet almond oil moisturizes skin and keeps it looking healthy. And, of course, enjoy the fun as the chill pill fizzes away. It will turn your bath water a vivid color, but never fear — it will not stain your tub, nor will it require any extra cleaning, because what would be the point of doing work after a relaxing bath? That wouldn't be right.

Chill pills make excellent gifts for friends, coworkers, and family, because life is exhausting and we all need healthy coping mechanisms. Choose from relaxing lavender, fresh rose, blood orange, or eucalyptus spearmint. All ingredients 100% vegan.

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