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Beverage Lip Balm Collection (Set of 4) — Espresso, Earl Grey Tea, Sarsaparilla, and Irish Cream

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When it comes to lip balm, you can't have just one. You've got to have one at your desk, on your nightstand, in the get the idea. Lip balms always make great small gifts, too. And with four delicious flavors in our beverage collection, you can't go wrong. No matter what you're craving — coffee, tea, carbonation, or booze — you've got an option with with this set of espresso, Earl Grey tea, sarsaparilla, and Irish cream lip balms. You can mix them, too, for even more options. Irish cream latte, anyone? (Yes, please!)

Once applied, this balm showers your lips with omega fatty acids and vitamins A and E, keeping them smoochably soft. You will love the way it nourishes your lips just as much as you enjoy the taste.

100% vegan ingredients.

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