Star Trek: Deep Space Nine/Voyager Uniform Prototype Soap

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Sometimes they're as tight as a leotard. Fans question their practicality. No matter what the design, though, one of the most defining characteristics of each Trek incarnation is the uniform. In the franchise's heyday in the mid '90s, the jumpsuit with division color on the shoulders and a greyish undershirt reigned supreme on both Deep Space Nine (until the First Contact uniforms took over) and Voyager. These bars smell like coffee, in honor of Captain Janeway's favorite beverage.

Please Note

These bars are prototypes. They aren't 100% perfect, but they turned out 95% as expected, the exception being that the very tip of the undershirt melted a little when I poured the black soap. I'm selling this small batch (a total of four bars of soap) at an introductory price of $5 each, which is $1 off regular price. Don't delay if you want one due to the limited quantity. They're gonna go fast!

All ingredients are 100% vegan.

Ingredients: Low sweat cold process glycerine soap base, low sweat three butter soap base fragrance, mica colorant.

Measurements: 3.5" x 2.5" x 1"

Weight: 4.5-5 oz.